Chuco Relic

Nick Tarin’s art shows what makes Chuco Town, well, Chuco Town

El Paso’s Nick Tarin loves his hometown and he isn’t one to hide it. He wants to make it known, and wants others to share his love for the Sun City. That’s where his art comes in.
Graphic designer and printer Nick Tarin uses iconic El Paso symbols in his art. You can find the star, Chico’s Tacos, the new streetcars and more printed on stickers and pins. He uses these images to remind others of what makes Chuco Town, well, Chuco Town.
“I try to make my art with a wide appeal.”
Nick got his start in the printing field through his family’s  business, One Stop Print Shop. Nick’s father has been a printer for as long as he can remember, and now he’s using modern advantages to put a twist to the career he inherited. He’s been helping out since his late teens, and since then, his positions have included designer, printer and delivery man, among many more.
As he started working on different assignments, he played around with different techniques to get the best possible outcome.
“The things that I do around the shop to create customers’ jobs provide me with a great sense of how to use my machinery to the best of its potential,” says Nick.
As he realized what these machines were capable of, Nick started bringing his ideas to life, giving them a bit of a psychedelic punch by toying with geometric shapes, patterns and colors, preferring to stick to simple forms and lean lines.
Another aspect that helps Nick use his craft to its full ability: other local artists. Nick helps bring art alive for dozens of people, whether they’re thinking of stickers, prints, printed hats and the occasional coloring book.
“I can’t grow without other artists.”
Nick’s work can be found on his website or on his Instagram @nicniknicko.

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