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La Gente De Chuco Relic: Ursula Avila

Ursula Avila, yes like the Little Mermaid, is our newest staff member here at Chuco Relic. First beginning in April, she will officially be with the team for about two months now. 

Before joining the team, Ursula spent her time as a teacher’s assistant and working on her own pieces. This artist’s first memory of her encounter with art began with Microsoft Paint which inspired her to now create and sell her own pieces.  

Some of my earliest memories are of drawing in MS Paint on my dad’s computer while I waited for him in his office when I was around 4 years old. So, I started drawing early on. My parents noticed, and they are big book people, so they started to buy me art books. I would copy the animals step by step until I could draw them from memory. So I always knew I liked art, and it was something I always did, but it wasn’t until more recently that I started to think about what makes me happy and to actively make more time for art in my life.” 

Ursula is a very gifted artist and is drawn to the art of watercolor. She loves the finality of the watercolor as a medium.  

I used to stick to pencil sketches, but I started wanting to make more finished-looking pieces and found that color can create that effect. I like oil paint, but I feel like I don’t yet have the mental maturity to wait for pieces to dry, and watercolor dries so fast! I like that every stroke is final, with oil and acrylics you can always go back and fix things, but watercolor makes you really trust yourself and learn.” 

Though she is still a new artist she is learning a lot from her time with us at Chuco Relic. Ursula is one of our in-house artists who does a lot of design work for us!

I need to work on better planning the pieces that I make, and especially on spending more time on them so that they can be more detailed and complex. Often, I get excited with what I’m working on and want to see the finished piece soon, but good things take time.” 

Ursula’s work is in our stores and there is more to come! Ursula’s biggest dream is to create and illustrate a children’s book! We hope not only that she accomplishes this dream but that it is one of the many children’s books we have in our stores! 

Working at Chuco Relic means we get first dibs on any new art or tees that find their way into our stores! These are just a few of Ursula's personal favorites from our stores that can be found at both locations!

"I love this piece by! I think it captures the downtown El Paso area in the best possible way--Constantly on the go and full of life. I appreciate the detail and the presence of each stroke seen in the painting. I am from Central El Paso so I like that Finch chose to paint Paisano."

"I love the simplicity of the design and the color makes it even better."

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