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La Gente de Chuco Relic: Dakota "Koty" Vasquez

Dakota is a newer staff member here at Chuco Relic, first beginning in August, she will officially be with the team for about six months now. Before joining the team, Koty spent time at Creative Kids and working on her own pieces. In her time at Creative Kids, Koty was at the peak of her artistry as she worked on pieces regularly. As time changed, she began to lose touch with her artistry and the art community of El Paso. Now currently a student at UTEP, she is pursuing a BFA with a concentration in drawing. “I had been dying to get back into the art community, and Chuco happened to just fall right into my lap. I had never pursued a job where I could incorporate my artistry into my work before. It was a change for me but one that has completely changed me for the better. I could fall back into doing what I love to do while helping others (artists) showcase their own work.” Dakota also works closely with her mother, also an artist, on pieces that are currently at Chuco Relic right now. Some of which are the cucuy ceramic handmade jars or even pieces of jewelry.“I like that working here not only gives me an in back into the art community, but it also opens doors for me as an artist. Working here is like a huge art hub for artists to mingle and learn from each other.”  

Kelsey Kilcrease's "Latina Queen" Print

“I LOVE Kelsey’s work, I love her as an artist, her color palette, her style, I think she’s amazing. I chose the Selena print because of Kelsey’s amazing ability to display skin textures and tones, something I am still working on. I also really love love her “Golosinas” print, it really is my ultimate favorite.” 


El Paso Desert Tee 

“My current favorite shirt has to be the new one that we have for this month. I love its simplicity and I think the colors complement each other well. Also, it’s like really soft and I can wear it with anything.” 

We are excited to see where Koty goes and how she continues to involve herself in the art community. If you would like to purchase some of Dakota's work make sure to either check out our website or scroll through the gram. You can also purchase some of Dakota's jewelry at the Montecillo TIME location. 

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