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Ivan Chavarria Explaining How His Career Started with Club Penguin

Self-taught graphic designer Ivan Chavarria is a product of sister cities Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Tx—Where his inspiration is drawn from where he grew up and his internet role as a content producer for his blog Monchocho 

Picture this, it is the year 2005 and you are about ten years old and easily susceptible to the addiction of online virtual games. 

Life is great, you come home from school where your mom hands you a juice pouch and you log yourself onto the computer to play none other than the popular game—Club Penguin.  

Instead, you are not necessarily only playing the game but writing content for your blog based off the game; in which you describe detailed events of the game’s recent updates for your followers.  

For a young Ivan this idea was not completely farfetched as he had a reoccurring number of seven million viewers per update reading his constantly changing blog for new discussion on the how the game has been updated.  

 “When I was 10 years old, I used to play a game called “Club Penguin.” This was a virtual world where you could connect, chat, and play with other kids in the form of little penguins. Every week, there would be updates to the game and I’m not sure how I came up with the idea, but I decided to create a blog to post about the game’s weekly updates. One thing led to another and I started to create designs for my posts, learned how to code, animate, and many other skills!” 

Finding his passion at an early age helped Ivan discover who he was as an artist, calling both sister cities his home, he does a lot of work for local businesses. 

He continues to deliver back to the community that raised him by assisting in rebranding some popular names in El Paso.  

His most popular clients? Julio’s restaurantUTEP Edge, UTEP school of pharmacy, and 100 Years of Women at UTEP just to name a few.  

 Branching out from his first official step into the design world (Monchocho), Ivan states that his style is relatively modern.  

“It is very clean and approachable” he says as he considers himself an overall well-rounded designer with a great track record to date.  

“While I enjoy illustrating more fun/psychedelic works like my “Los Lagartos” poster, I think my heart belongs to modern, colorful, approachable, clean designs. I try to encompass as many different styles of designs into my work –it’s something I pride myself on.” 

He currently works for Atomic Marketing where he is free to be flexible in his approach to design and how he best conveys his client’s vision.  

“Honestly, I think that’s exactly what I enjoy the most – working with all sorts of brands and having the flexibility to develop each identity in a unique way. I’m not the type of person who enjoys working with just one specific project, I like to do and try it all.” 

Ivan can be contacted through his Instagram @iisivan and you can view his portfolio on his website 

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