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Ebonie’s art is vibrant and full of life

Many people use art as an outlet and others use it as a form of therapy. That’s the case for the multi-talented Ebonie Adame, Chuco Relic’s artist of the month.

 After being diagnosed with PTSD and depression during high school, Ebonie turned to art and ever since then art continues to be a big part of her life.  In hopes of one day opening her own art studio while providing art materials for aspiring youth, she hopes to share with people the positive impact art can have.

Ebonie’s relationship with Chuco Relic began after high school and she is currently part of the Chuco Relic team! Not only does Ebonie work for Chuco Relic, but she also teaches special art classes. Through her classes she is able to share her skills, techniques, and love for art with people who are possibly trying a class out for the first time.

“I realized that I love seeing people’s reactions. Seeing that they see that they can paint and seeing them take pride in that is amazing. My classes are designed to be simple. They are meant to be for relaxing and creative.  There is so much satisfaction in creation.” 

Besides teaching fun art classes, Ebonie is always keeping it fresh with her own art. I mentioned to Ebonie that I love how she fuses modern and old school concepts. Also, there are many elements of la frontera in her artwork. For example, she has a painting with the El Paso star on the mountain and a rendition of the Starry Night above it.  To that, she answered, “I try to do a little bit of everything. I didn’t always focus on artwork exclusively on El Paso. Once I started my leadership program, I saw the beauty of the desert. I became more observant of the sky and I like to show that. Our sky is forty shades of color! “

Overall, Ebonie’s art is vibrant and full of life. It showcases the desert life from such a unique perspective. I encourage anyone to go check out her art and take an art class with her. Enjoy the power of art!



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