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Deadpunk on Doing Art for Yourself

From the confines of the Glassbox teaching himself to paint with nude models, to being known around the art community for his mystique and original work that landed him a prime spot in Los Visionaries, this artist did not always know art was the right path for him.

Deadpunk, an artist formerly known for his intricate and detailed pieces first started his interest in art with drawing Dragon Ball Z characters.

For a while, Deadpunk states that he went quite a long time not practicing his art.

Whether life got in the way or his passion for it was momentarily displaced, he eventually came back to his calling once he was in his twenties.

It wasn't until this artist was struggling with his sense of purpose and what the future would hold for him that he fell back into the art of art.

"I was around 25, and it was around a time where you're soul searching, and you don't know what to do with your life, I was looking through a newspaper, and there was an Ad for a drink and draw at the Glassbox. It was BYOB so; I showed up with two tall boys of Tecate and a drawing pad."

His repertoire of art mediums at this point was limited to the use of pencils or paint.

Not familiar with the many different mediums out there, he was at a disadvantage but not one he could not easily overcome.

"I go in there (the Glassbox) and see a bunch of artists surrounding this girl that's nude. And I thought ‘what the hell?' I had never seen that in person I thought that was something only for the movies. Everybody was drawing using different mediums that I had never seen or heard of."

After this first encounter, Deadpunk made it a habit to show up routinely with different mediums where he would eventually teach himself how to use them.

Once he found himself devoting most of his time towards learning, he realized that where he was in that moment, was where he wanted to stay.

"From there, I kind of felt this is what I wanted to do. I kind of felt that it was my calling."

He became obsessed with learning different art movements and techniques that would later influence his work.

Graduating from pastels, Deadpunk states he now focuses on acrylics and spray paint to create the unique style that he has today. Little by little he began building a name for himself in the art community of El Paso.

Slowly making friends around every corner, he was asked to become an esteemed member of Los Visionaries.

Now a few years later Deadpunk no longer attends classes at the Glassbox but instead has a studio inside where he goes to paint for himself.

Becoming a member of the Los Visionaries Collective was merely a stepping stone towards his art career where he learned how to separate his art from everyone else's.

Deadpunk realized that the only way his art would be truly successful is if he created it for him and no one else, "Originally I painted to paint. I was trying to figure out the shapes and angles that were pleasing to the eye. It was all about looking good and making it look good for others. That was at the beginning. Now I'm trying to implement subliminal messages and what catches people's attention. Political messages, it depends on what I want to say. Once I have the attention of my viewer, I try to send that message. Tell me what you think it means to-you-type-of-art. I can tell you why I painted it, but it relates to different people and makes people feel different things."

The mystique is one crucial element in Deadpunk’s art which is where the staple luchador mask comes into play.

"When you think of Deadpunk, I want you to think of the mask and the artwork."

To buy one of his pieces is buying a piece of the artist himself.

It inspires him as an artist as he feels he gets to give back to those who inspire him.

“It motivates me, and El Paso is growing there is a lot of talented people here. People need to see that artists are moving up. It makes me feel good that I am part of that, letting people know that they can reach their goals."

Deadpunk's only advice for newer artists is to produce the work you want to see and not what you think people want to see.

He states that the only way to be a great artist is to create something that matters to you because that will create an identity for you as an artist.

To purchase any artwork by Deadpunk, you can visit his website at, and for any inquiries his Instagram handle is @deadpunk_x.

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