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David Madrid combines video games with classic El Paso settings to create unique pop culture pieces.

Running and jumping through the fictional Mushroom Kingdom can sometimes leave El Paso gamers wanting this to become their reality.  October Artist of the Month David Madrid combines the fictional worlds of video games and film with classic El Paso settings to create unique pop culture pieces.  Born and raised in the Sun City, this dynamic artist is inspired by it daily.
“I hold this city true to my heart.  I’ve participated in art shows around the city for years.   To showcase my work and share it with the public is something I enjoy doing.”
When asked why he needed El Paso to be included in his work, David started, “I LOVE El Paso.  Nuff Said.”
A lot of his work includes characters from Nintendo. A platform that many young El Paso grew up on, whether it is the original system or the newer Switch.  David’s “Super El Paso” is based on the classic Super Nintendo system.
“I love anything video game related, so I thought, what better way to show love to my city by merging the two together. I wanted Super El Paso Texas to showcase El Paso’s familiar areas Downtown EP, Scenic Drive, ect. This batch is the first volume for my series. I am in the brainstorming process of the 2nd volume right now.”
Another source of inspiration is film.  Like a lot of people, David grew up with Disney.  One of his most popular designs is the “Chuco Disney” is based on the opening logo of the Disney corporation.  
“All the Disney movies start off with the iconic castle shot, and I thought what’s more iconic for El Paso than the Plaza de los Lagartos and our Franklin Mountains. So after a night of brainstorming the Chucoland tee was born.”
This shirt design can often be spotted at Disney Land being worn by native El Pasoeans in vacation photos.  
“I get very excited when I see the Chucoland tee on people. Especially when they are at Disney.”
David has some future pieces in the works.  Everything from Mickey to Baymax will be featured, and hopefully some shirt designs will come out of this process.
Of course, family may be one of his most important influences.  He loves his wife Hisa and daughter Shia to the Moon and back.  David often gets inspiration from his daughter Shia.  Like David, she loves video games and anything pop culture.  
“A lot of stuff I do has to go through her for approval.  Once I get the thumbs up from her, I know I made something cool.”
    Whether it’s video games, Disney, or family; artist of the David Madrid gives his fans something fantastic to behold.   David has many of his pieces available at Chuco Relic and on his website

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