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Daniel Martinez, a multifaceted artist

Daniel Martinez is February’s artist of the month.  He is a multifaceted artist who does landscaping, abstract and lately he has been concentrating on iconic El Paso places and people. As a native El Pasoan he is proud to be able to tell his story and memories through his art. His art is vibrant and is able to beautifully portray a lot of things at once.

Daniel is an accountant, and he uses art to escape the numbers. He has been drawing since he was four years old and only started painting five years ago. He is inspired by his father who was also very creative.  Daniel always did great when it came to painting. His elementary school would host an art competition every year and he won five years in a row. His love for art has only grown after that. 

Daniel is always inspired by his surroundings and he hopes people can appreciate his art. 

Meet Daniel Martinez February 9th at Chuco Relic Montecillo 7PM- 12AM.  We will be giving away a FREE prints and sticker of his artwork with every purchase.

You can also view more of Daniel Martinez's original art work at Chuco Relic Downtown at 601 N. Oregon 79901. 

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