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La Gente de Chuco Relic: Andrew "Andy" Candelaria


Andy has been at Chuco Relic for about three and a half years now and is considered Chuco's MVP.

“I pretty much live here, but I’m a workaholic,” Andy’s ability to find nothing but pride when throwing himself into his work is what makes him one of the best and most loyal staff members.

Andy did not join the team blindly though, he applied with a long history in art and a lengthy involvement with the art community here in El Paso. Andy’s previous art background helps because Andy not only shares a strong relationship with every artist that works with us, but he too is an artist with work in the shop.

Andy first took an interest in journalism while in college but then found that his passion was towards graphic design.

He is known in the art community of El Paso because before he worked at Chuco Relic, he was an active voice in the art community. Now involved with the art community differently, we are super lucky to have Andy with us here at Chuco Relic.

It really is the best of both worlds for Andy, as here, he gets to produce his own pieces like the “Scenic Drive and Chill” t-shirt among others while helping other artists make a name for themselves.

Having his own work in both locations does not limit Andy from having two favorite pieces separate from his own stuff. “I know that we have a lot of visitors from all over the world and that means local artists’ work is now all over the world and that’s cool. I like it here (Chuco Relic) because it helps local artists get their name out there and gives them a platform.” 

Rogelio’s Alligator Print 

“I like this piece because it has a lot of artistic qualities to it, it’s a print that’s a four-color process through screen print. So, there’s a lot of work that went into it and it's also a part of a series. I appreciate the detail that was worked into it and the fact that I have an obsession with reptiles with illustration especially because of all the detail that goes on behind it, is a plus for me. And then also the history that is associated with the alligators in El Paso. It’s overall just a great piece and it also has to do with loteria and it’s a cool representation of El Paso.”  

Dia De Los Muertos Cycles Tee 

“I like it because it’s rock & roll.” 

As a cherished staff member at Chuco, Andy delivers a lot of product knowledge for anyone that may need assistance. He also is just a great team member to talk to about local EP art. We appreciate you Andy! Next time you're in the store make sure to pick Andy's brain or even just say "Hello!" 

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