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Alejandro's work is greatly influenced by our beloved Chuco.

Alejandro is a local artist whose work is greatly influenced by our beloved Chuco. We live in a city full of rich and amazing culture, why not use it to our advantage and incorporate it into our work? For Alejandro, our local history, architecture, our Chicano and pop culture influence his very colorful work. 

Alejandro began drawing when he was young, but did not get involved with painting until he was in his 20’s and living in the Dallas. He explains that the art culture was a lot different and he was exposed to art museums and galleries a lot more regularly. When he finally moved back home, to El Chuco, he began to paint more El Paso themed art because it was something he enjoyed. 

Alejandro’s work has evolved from when he first started to draw horror movie characters as a kid, to cholo and gang related art as a teenager, and now local surroundings and interests as an adult. He started out with drawing but has moved on the painting murals, signs, and even mixed media projects. He explains that his art will always keep evolving. Overall, his work in heavily influenced by the border and his childhood in El Paso. Not only does the city influence his work, but other artists on the border also impact his work. 

 If you ask Alejandro what makes our community so special and unique, he is quick to bring up our Old West and Mexican Revolution history. We have a heavy Mexican culture influence which really has an impact on our community and makes it unique. So we should try to appreciate our history and the city’s unique stories by going downtown and looking at our old and historic buildings. 

Even though Alejandro has been drawing since he was very young, it was only about four years ago when he started to sell and display his work. Since then, he has found it very satisfying to be able share his work with other people in the community and to make art an important part of his life. 

If you’re interested in seeing his work, make sure you visit Chuco Relic on October 29th. Click HERE to learn more about the event.

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